Many people experience fear of flying or anxiety during flight time, this is a serious situation that cannot be termed good for physical and emotional health for anyone. Actually, this condition is very common; many people are suffering from this. This condition must be treated properly because it is not just a fear of flying in an airplane, if you are suffering from this then you must understand the fact that, something is wrong inside your system. This fear is due to something wrong in our mental and physical health status. Some people experience severe anxiety and panic attacks when they are about to travel in airplane, some feel butterflies in their stomach all these conditions are signs of fear of flying. Some steps are given underneath for Overcoming Fear of Flying.

Steps for Overcoming Fear of Flying:

1.    For Overcoming Fear of Flying, be clear to yourself that if you are afraid of flying, ask yourself about it what makes you afraid, is it the fear of crashing, or the fear of being enclosed or its about not being able to control anything while flying in an airplane. Think about the time of fear, at what time this fear occurs, determine that if you are afraid during the planning of the flight, take off or touch down.

2.    Once you have determined about the fear/anxiety, go and talk to the counselor and tell him/her about the fear of flight that you are experiencing this kind of fear and find out a proper solution for Overcoming Fear of Flying.

3.    Escape from watching news and reading about the plane crashes before your flight as this can make you really frightened, and you’ll be really afraid of flying after watching and reading this type of material.

4.    Try to practice some techniques, which provide relaxation, as breathing deep, thinking about something else, any imagination etc. keep practicing these techniques as a preventive measure whenever you experience any anxiety or fear during flying.

5.    Talk to your counselor and ask him to give you some medications regarding anxiety and fear of flying, keep them with yourself during flight, if you feel anything uncomfortable about flying, just take them and close your eyes and try to think about something good.

6.    Read some books regarding Overcoming Fear of Flying, there are lots of books available on this issue, by reading these books you can prepare yourself mentally about your flight and you’ll feel relaxed while your journey.

Fear of flying is no more

It is a common problem many people are afraid of flying but with proper guidance and counseling, you will certainly find away to keep you safe from this fear or anxiety of flying. If you follow the above mentioned steps prior to your flight, you will be mentally prepared about Overcoming Fear of Flying. So do not be afraid of flying and take it as an adventure, if your attitude is positive towards flying you will feel that your journey has become more pleasant than any other means of transport.