Say "No!" to Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks
If you experience worry, unease or unreasonable nervousness and you have considered using hypnosis therapy for anxiety, then you may want to stake some time to understand what it is you are actually trying to accomplish. 

Whenever going into therapy you need to know what to expect and what you want out of the therapy.  Of course, with hypnosis for anxiety it would make sense that your end goal will be to get rid of your attacks of panic or at least get control of it.

It may be hard for you to live a normal life going through panic attacks and suffering from anxiety all of the time.  Sometimes you have to go to drastic measures to begin to get your life back to normal, but this does not mean you have to take a large amount of pills or anything harmful to get rid of your anxiety.

Looking into hypnosis can provide you with an alternative option for dealing with the mental stress you currently are going through.  You can choose to go with self hypnosis or you can see a professional hypnotherapist. Either of these options can help you get what you need from your therapy and they both have their place with treating anxiety.

What to Expect from Hypnosis Therapy for Anxiety

When you decide to go through hypnosis therapy for anxiety you have to understand that you can get the results you are after.  You can find a way to deal with your anxiety with therapy, but there are a few things you should know
first.  If you choose a professional to help you with your distress and misery that it putting you through, there have to be a few things in place for it to be successful. For successful therapy with a hypnotherapist you will need to have full trust in your therapist. This means you may have to take your time choosing the right person for you. If you don't trust your therapist you will just be wasting the money you are spending.  It may take finding someone with proven results for you to trust them or just a good personal relationship with them.  Either way you have to trust your therapist.

If you know you are going to struggle with the trust of your therapist you should turn to self hypnosis for anxiety.  This will help you to get similar results without having to trust anybody, but yourself.  You will need to make sure you get a script from a professional therapist to make sure your self hypnosis goes as planned. You can find many different scripts out there and what you are looking for is a positive script on a CD or audio file.  This will help to make sure you get the right type of information to listen to while you are under hypnosis. Plus if you get the right script it will actually help you get to the point of being hypnotized. 

Just the trance like state that hypnosis can put you into will help you with your anxiety. You will have the opportunity to get control over your stress and over your panic attacks.  It is necessary to make sure you spend time every single day with your self hypnosis because it will help you to relax and face things in a different way.

Anxiety related symptoms are the first signs of detrimental effects on health and it can lead to many conditions, mental and physical. Chest pains due to coronary artery disease, hot flashes, panicky feelings, choking, head zaps, no energy, lethargic feeling, tiredness, giddiness, rumbling sounds, vomiting, numbness, skipped heartbeats, the floor can feel like it's moving up or down, the list can go on.

Over four (4) million people in North America suffer from anxiety and panic attacks during the course of a year. The known food triggers for anxiety and panic attacks are things like high-calorie foods (fast food and poorly made foods), caffeine containing drinks (coffee, energy drinks, etc.)

Letting go of anxiety by yourself is not an easy task, however its possible.

1) Get comfortable. Make yourself as comfortable as possible, put your feet up, sit in a chair that you know for sure will make you change positions often.

2) Start by closing your eyes. Imagine yourself in a most peaceful place possible, where no one and nothing can even bother you.

3) Count down. Start counting your breaths... Inhale and exhale really slow, however don't strain yourself, let it be natural, just like after a hard day's work.

4) Develop a trigger. Now that you've reached the destination, you are completely safe and nothing can bother or disturb you, make some reassuring words, like: "I am perfectly in control in every area of my life". Then, make a trigger within yourself - either pinch lightly your finger (remember which one) or hold your palm with another.

5) Chill and come back. Imagine yourself getting up and taking that special place with you, but coming back in your surroundings.

Whenever you feel anxious or experience panic attack, just repeat the trigger, pinch the finger (try to remember which one you made the trigger on) or do whatever you assigned the trigger to.